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‣ cross-overs prioritised in one fandom
‣ virtually everything is unlocked unless otherwise stated (in which it is probably only visible to me)
‣ translations in languages other than korean, chinese, and japanese are fine

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hoya | winter

somebody to love [winner; seungyoon/mino]

somebody to love
pg-13, 7.4k
There’s no sugar coating it, Seungyoon used to be an unapologetic Big Bang groupie and Minho almost wanted to bang him.

written for skinseas for winnerexchange!

(“Wait,” Minho says, recognition finally kicking in. “Wild and Young? Like that Taeyang fansite.” His mind is reeling and he does a quick re-assessment of Seungyoon, from the top of his messy hair to the welts of his Doc Martens.)
jin | flower boy

2016 Valentines Day Gift Fic ❤ [DELAYED]

[DELAYED: because i'm me and it was inevitable u___u]

hello!! 2015 is coming to an end, i've met a lot of great people, and i've also become really bad at writing fic. i've been considering doing one of these but was really unsure, but i figure that since the only ways i seem to be able to write is 1) if it's for someone else 2) with a deadline — instead of signing up for 213124 exchanges, why not just write fic for people as a way of saying thank you ♥

(also if i have ever offered to write you fic in the past but have not delivered, you can use this to force it to become an obligation)

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x marks the spot

Mortal Enemies Part II: Wilder & Sexier [got7; junior/jackson]

Mortal Enemies Part II: Wilder & Sexier
junior/jackson, mark/youngjae
pg-13, 8200 words
Jackson has everything he could want in life – mildly insulting best friends, a pixie peanut gallery, rugged good looks. Then he meets Edward Cullen imitation Park Jinyoung, and suddenly he doesn't. AU (AO3 Mirror)

originally posted here for kpop_ficmix! a remix of symmetrophobic's great original fic mortal enemies (or just uncomfortable next door neighbours).

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